Good News!

Posted: October 25, 2011 in News/Updates

The Free Knowledge Project and in particular Free Anthropology would like to thank the Awesome Shit Club (ASC) for their recent support. The ASC is a collection of small donors in Victoria, BC who pool their money and offer it to any pitch. Last night, FKP was very lucky to win the confidence and support of the donors, receiving $600 from them to help fund the project. We asked specifically for support for a video projector and a screen to help show documentaries and other visuals in the public classes we are currently running. We received the money and also helpful information about how to acquire some of the things we need or could help from local sources. The money is great; the sharing of local knowledge and building relationships is fantastic. Thank you again.


  1. ren says:


  2. It’s a great project you have! If you get a chance, come back and visit us at ASC V, and give us an update!
    Also, be sure to get your event listed in the Victoria free events community calendar!

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